More Ministries


One of the most important calls that Christ gives His church is to be welcoming to people. This ministry of Hospitality has the role of being His ambassador. Hospitality takes many shapes and forms in our churches. It could be a warm conversation in our church’s foyer, greeting parishioners, regular or newcomers, or act as host/ess serving at the church kitchen.

Welcomer – Parishioners are invited to be welcomers at Saturday and Sunday Mass. We know from our experience that a climate of hospitality does encourage us to participate more fully, perhaps even to sing with more enthusiasm and indeed to know that our presence is essential for the liturgy to be effective in our living and worshipping together.

Event/Catering – This committee arranges receptions for parish lectures, concerts, and special Masses. Activities includes set up, decorating, cooking and serving food, and clean up. A sufficient number of people will be required so we can take turns on events.

Collectors –  A team of people that collect the donations from the parishioners. At the moment, collectors are picked randomly by the Acolytes. All we ask is that you arrive early before mass and speak to the acolytes for the day and let them know that you are here to help.

Cake Angels – A group of food loving parishioners who endeavours to provide yummy treats and foster community involvement.


Social Justice Committee – The social justice group meets monthly, discussing and planning ways to work towards justice and peace in our local, national and global communities.

St Vincent de Paul Society, a worldwide Catholic Society, is composed of Christian lay persons seeking to develop in themselves a life of charity through friendship and participation in Society works bearing witness to the love of Christ. Most members of the Society are voluntary workers who freely undertake to devote some of their talents, and resources. We pray, discuss our concerns for those in hardship, evaluate what has been done in the past week and what can be done to help those in need, and we enjoy each other’s company. At other times, we go out in pairs to visit those in need, sharing friendship and charity. We distribute food, clothing & furniture and we provide some limited financial assistance where we can to alleviate hardship.

Our parish consists of several Vinnies volunteers who reach out to the most vulnerable in our community. For more information on what Vinnies does, visit their website.


The Fundraising Committee looks after raising funds for the Parish. We encourage anyone who has ideas to come forward to help out with this ministry.


Prayer Groups – There are a number of prayer groups within the parish. Prayer groups come together to reflect and pray, building a strong support group along the way.

Reflection Nights – Reflection nights are organised by the Faith Formation team. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the parish office.


The weekly care of our worship space depends upon these groups of volunteers. These are the banner makers, flower decorators, church cleaners and garden angels. Hospitality helps create the atmosphere of the worship environment but other elements like church furnishings, banners, floral decorations are necessary for good liturgy and not incidental to it.

Floral decorators, make a contribution to our worshipping environment and again reflect the liturgical season. Because of our church design and space, floral arrangements are not a major feature of our environment. Donations of flowers are always welcome and can be delivered to the church on Saturday morning. Couples planning church weddings need to check with the celebrant beforehand about floral decorations that fit the building and that are placed appropriately.

Banners, reflect the liturgical seasons, the major feasts and the sacramental celebrations of the parish. In many instances the banners also depict the message of the Word proclaimed for that particular Sunday. Interested parishioners with gifts in this area are encouraged to “let your light shine and not hide it under a bushel.”

Church cleaners, Church cleaning is a very necessary and important responsibility for our volunteers. Cleaning can be done on Saturday morning or earlier in the week. If you can spare two hours of your time each five weeks we would love to hear from you. In fact, one hour’s contribution is of great assistance. Contact the parish office for more information.

Garden angels, tends to the church landscape providing an important scene for parishioners. If you have a green thumb, come and join this group of Garden angels to help upkeep the surroundings of the parish making landscape clean and looking good and fresh.


Catechists are called to be ministers of the Word and representatives of the Church. This service means not only seeking to meet the needs of individuals within the parish but also in the larger local and global community. This challenges the Catechist to be aware of Church teaching and actions in terms of peace and justice.

They are often deployed to teach candidates who are preparing for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, First Holy Communion, Confirmation and the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults what the teaching authority of the Church proclaims, and when teaching any subject must always teach what the Church teaches, regardless of personal beliefs or opinions.


The Over 55’s group gets together once every now and then and have social outings and gatherings. Come and join this ministry if you have some free time and would like to get to know others in the group.